Współrzędne geograficzne mariny: 53.583 N, 14.46 E

Approach to the harbor

Navigation instructions

Stages of approach to Kamień Pomorski

1. From the Baltic Sea you must first enter Dziwnow (54° 01’26″N, 14° 43’29″E river entrance) and pass the bridge which operates on request on each even numbered hour. Call Dziwnow Harbour Master and Bridge on VHF Channel 10. Bridge does not open in winds of force 6B and above.

2. After passing the bridge follow the river which is at least 2m deep (keep to starboard for 300 m after the bridge) and then stick to the center of the buoyed channel which leads you to Zalew Kamienski (lagoon), where you should reach the buoy K-1 54 00.1070 N 14 45.1307 E.

3. From K-1 steer to the buoy K-2 53 59.1096 N 014 45.0779 E and then keep the SE course on the visible church tower.

4.Entry to the marina from E, from the side of the footbridge across the Karpinka Bay.
On the south side of the marina, there is a communal pier and harbour wall (paid, but no facilities).

5.About 1 KM S is the entrance to the technical marina (part of the Marina Kamien Pomorski)


53.583 N, 14.46 E

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